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Top 4 Sunglasses to Pack for Spring Break This Year!

Top 4 Sunglasses to Pack for Spring Break This Year!

Top 4 Sunglasses to Pack for Spring Break This Year.

  1. Catchy Cat Eyes
  2. Bold Colors
  3. Classic Aviators
  4. Fun & Flirty

    Catchy Cat Eye- flattering and feminine

    The catchy cat eye sunnies are for those who don’t mind catching a few stares. These flattering and feminine frames will have you in your soft life bag for real. Whether you are taken or single there is nothing wrong with making sure you still “have it”. These darlings will not disappoint. Go ahead and add to your suitcase.

                                                                                                                                  Hyve-Style: "CLIMAXX"

    Bold Colors- because our swimsuits will be the perfect co- star to this leading lady.

    This year we are “Living in Color”. Be sure to upgrade your sunnies stash with some pop of color to add a bold and confident look to any outfit. Want to stand out amongst the crowd? Want that “GDWM” video to go viral and get many likes? Trust us, color will be your best friend this year. And please toss out the notion that everything has to be matchy matchy because that is such an antique notion that you need to leave in the past. Think color block, pop of color, or a walk on the wild side!

                                                                                                                                     Hyve-Style: "KASHMERE"

    Classic Aviators- your go-to pair for the road trip or catwalk through the airport.

    A classic or stylish pair of aviators are an absolute must! These frames will literally be your side kick for spring break. Toss them in your bag for easy access. We are wearing these classics for the car ride or the catwalk in the airport and while on the plane just in case we have a chatty neighbor, and we need not to make eye contact. These frames will also be our best friend just in case we had “a time” the night before and have not fully recovered by breakfast the next day. Consider them your new BFF. And no matter what you do, do not put them down anywhere and forget them. This is not "Home Alone", and we are way more responsible than that. Plus, it would totally hurt their feelings for you to abandon them on the trip. Consider getting a chain necklace for your eyewear just in case you are that person (easily lose things).

                                                                                                                                                  Hyve-Style: "PARDI"

    Fun & Flirty- well it is spring break after all.

    Who goes on spring break to have a snooze fest? Absolutely no one ever! Time to let your hair down and to make sure you have packed a pair of sunnies that are super fun and flirty. Whether you wear these cuties during the day at the beach or pool or in the evening at dinner while in a cute sundress they are a must. Check out these cute bold square flip- up frames that are adding fun, flare, and plenty of flirty vibes to your spring break trip.


                                                                                                                                                  Hyve-Style: "NOVA C"

    If you love the selection of sunglasses, we just shared with you, be sure to check out other options for your upcoming spring break trip or just because options. It's always a good time to upgrade your eyewear collection


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