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Helping Your Vision Evolve

The Hyve brand was created to promote vision and belief in oneself. So many of us have dreams that unfortunately will be just that a dream. We don’t have the ability to see beyond our present circumstances so we continue to stay in our current circumstances. The Bible says without a VISION a people will parish. Our desire is to help evolve (increase/enlarge) your vision of yourself and your capabilities so that you too can make your mark in this life.

We use “Eyewear” as our product of choice. The main purpose of eyewear (aside from them being a mandatory accessory that completes any look) is to help YOU see (VISION) better. Whether it be prescription eyewear to help improve your vision or sunglasses to help you see better from the distraction (life ups n downs) from the sun Ray’s.

Whether you are a lover of eyewear or not, it’s something about when people slide that perfect pair on. Their body language changes. A smile appears. They are looking at all angles of the frames on their face. Some may even break out into a dance because they are happy with what they see! When you can truly become happy with what you see (vision) in the mirror both inside and out that my friend is when you are able to become fearless in your pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire! You are able to move and walk toward your Vision and purpose! We call that **THE HYVE-LIFE**