Ok. Im just going to go ahead and try this out. I mean what’s the worst that can happen right? I’m dumb nice with the pen so I might as well put it to paper and see how many people I can help, offend, inspire or just ride this thing called life out with me. So, what’s my blog going to be about. Hmmm, you know what, I’m not even going to subject myself to that type of pressure. lol Im just going to let the day dictate what I write about. If it’s anything like my moods, you should all be entertained!

Me? Oh I’m Ahsh. Pronounced like the Osh in Osh Kosh Bigosh (Do I get Paid for that OKB?) Say it with me AHHHHHHH shh. Not Ash.

And that’s it for today. lol

We have the rest of our lives to learn each other soooo, let’s just take our time.

In God I Trust


She real cute!

What’s your style? Has it always been the same or are you like me who goes though phases? We all have our own “style,” but the truth is, we aren’t married to it. So we can do whatever we want! Before you read any further, take this quick poll. Let’s see where your “style” is.

The first thing that people say when asked about sunglasses is “I can only wear a certain style because it’s the only one hat fits my face.”  We can anticipate that statement before you even begin to speak. However those words soon fade when they try them on and realize that they can wear just abut anything with the right confidence!  We always encourage people to try on different styles and colors.  As you can see in the guides below, there are certain styles that may compliment you more depending on the shape of your face. But don’t get caught up in this it’s just a guide, not gospel. Lets have a look.


These guides are great if you need a little help choosing a pair that you like. I also encourage you to keep a few things in mind when choosing frames.

  1. Consider the occasion. Where you’ll be rocking your sunglasses will help you pick the perfect pair. You should definitely have an everyday pair that you can put on no matter the occasion such the HYVE-Life Seline’s for the ladies and the Presidential’s (unisex) for the fellas.  The beach requires a little more, shall I say reflective look. Something like the Racela’s or the Brooks. Either way, you’ll look hot!

  2.  Relax. We are our worst critic. We only live once so take some risks! At least try them on with an open mind.

  3. Profile the style. Yep, practice how you’re going to pose when it comes time to take pictures in the chosen ones. This will allow you to have fun with it.

Celebrities are always wearing different styles of sunglasses. Technically we are all celebrities… just different exposure and pay grade. lol But if they can switch it up, so can you.  It’s all about your confidence! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Ill leave you with some pics of Queen B in her many different sunglasses.  Different looks, same confidence!


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(Pictures are from google images)